Ipoh House Arson Not Due to Loan Sharks

5 June 2007

The fire which destroyed two terrace houses in Taman Song Choon last Thursday and claimed the lives of five family members is still under police investigations. Police say that loans sharks are possibly not involved and are waiting for the report from the Chemistry Department and the Fire and Rescue Department to determine the cause of arson.

A 39-year-old man has been remanded by police since Saturday and is suspected to be a former husband to one of the victims, an insurance company executive Chai Mooi Fong, aged 32. He will be in police custody until next Monday.

Chai Kim, aged 91, Chai Kar It, aged 67, Chai Moi Fong and her husband Tan Wei Limm, aged 32, and their relative Lim Kian Hwa, aged 29, were all burnt to death in the pre-dawn fire. Police initially classified their cases as sudden death but that changed to murder last Friday after some investigations.

Mooi Fong’s cousin Chai Chee Keong, aged 33, managed to escape with burns on his arms and was rescued by a security guard and neighbours through a kitchen window.

Chee Keong and Chai Kim discovered the fire at 3:30am in the hall where they were sleeping. Chee Keong went into the kitchen to get water to douse the fire but the fire had spread to the hall already. Chai Kim and the others on the first floor did not survive the flames.

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