Juvenile Gang Involved in Theft

27 January 2007
Kota Kinabalu

A gang of seven children, aged between 8 and 10, have been involved in a number of bicycle thefts, shoplifting and minor thefts in the past 12 months. Police were alerted by a man who found two of them with stolen bicycles in Putatan town on January 24 2007.

Police learnt that the children had been taking apart stolen bicycles and reassembling them for sale. 20 bicycles were found. The children have been handed over to the Welfare Department.

Five children belong to Filipino parents here with immigration visitor passes while the other two are local. They are suspected to be involved in shoplifting at supermarkets, house break-ins and vandalism.

Some of their parents did not even appear at the police station where the children were arrested.

The Star Online – Gang of thieving children

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