Killed Indonesian Duo Involved in Armed Robberies

10 November 2008
Shah Alam

The two Indonesian suspects who were shot dead in Puchong on 5 November 2008 are believed to have been involved in various armed robberies at 8 goldsmith shops in Johor, Malacca and the Klang Valley. They are suspected of killing 9 people.

The duo, known as Andy and Shaari, where shot dead in a shoot-out with the police in Kampung Tengah. One of them had fired shots at the police while the other charged towards the police with a parang.

Earlier that day, police said the suspects had killed a local Chinese man and disposed his body in a river nearby. Police found the body on Saturday filled with bullets. The deceased was involved in drug abuse, loan sharking and other serious crimes.

At the shoot-out area, police found a bloodstained t-shirt, slippers, torchlight, a spent shell, an automatic pistol, six bullets and two parang.

The Star Online – Cops: Slain Indonesians also involved in armed robberies

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