KL Crime Rate Down 7 Per Cent

6 February 2008
Kuala Lumpur

City CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner (II) Ku Chin Wah said that the Kuala Lumpur crime rate dropped by 7.1% last year compared to 2006. The number of cases reported last year was 29,473 while there were 31,740 cases in 2006.

The solving rate for violent crimes and property crimes improved to 54.7% and 33.2% respectively. Snatch theft cases decreased by 999 cases while general property theft cases dropped by 2,308 cases. 37.5% of serious crime cases were solved.

However, violent crimes such as rape and unarmed gang robbery spiked up last year. Unarmed gang robbery saw a 95% increase, the largest jump which police attributed to a reclassification exercise conducted in October 2007. Amendments were made to Section 391 of the Penal Code, which now defines gang robbery as robbery committed by two or more people, instead of five or more people previously.

The number of rape cases increased from 147 in 2006 to 228 last year, up 55%. As rapists usually know their victims, the solving rate of such cases was 91.2%.

Motorcycle and car thefts increased by 667 cases, rising to a total of 9,995 cases. House break-ins have the biggest increase in the property crimes index with 2,489 cases last year, up 448 from 2006.

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