KLIA Robbery: Police Conducts Interviews

12 April 2008

After generating photofits of the robbers involved in the heist at the KL International Airport, police have reason to believe that it was an inside job. Three of six suspects, including a woman, were drawn based on descriptions given by eye-witnesses.

Police have taken statements from 39-year-old Lance Corporal Zainuddin Md Isa, who was injured by a gunfire at the scene, 20-year-old Muhamad Fadzil Amanullah Khan, who was one of the two moneychangers who were robbed.

It is believed that the moneychangers, who were accompanied by two security guards, were escorting the money to two Singaporean businessmen. The money was meant to be transported to Singapore.

49-year-old security guard Ahmad Suhaime Mohd Yussop, 29-year-old Nepali worker Lal Bahadur Shrees and 22-year-old moneychanger Buhakri Abdullah have yet to be interviewed.

Police are looking into the possibility that the suspects are members of famous armed robbery gangs such as Mamak Gang, Deva Gang and Botak Innasi.

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