KTM Nab Illegals in Trains

4 March 2007
Kuala Lumpur

KTM Komuter conducted a two-hour operation using 20 KTM auxiliary police and 14 Rela members to search its passengers for illegal immigrants yesterday morning. 38 men and 5 women from Indonesia, Nepal, India, Africa, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan were caught in two trains and will be handed over to the Immigration Department.

The first operation in its 12-year history, KTM decided for the operation due to daily complaints of pickpockets on the trains and on the platforms. The pickpockets are most frequent during the peak hours of the day. Track equipment are also stolen by drug addicts and illegal foreigners.

KTM intends to install closed-circuit television cameras in its stations.

New Straits Times – KTM going after illegals

The Star Online – 43 held in train raid on illegal foreigners

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