Largest Find of Firearms By Police

22 January 2007

Police has found in a house in Taman Venice 58 advanced firearms brought in from Germany and Austria, believed to be worth RM900,000. By far the biggest find of weapons, the raid found five 5.56mm light machine guns, one 5.56mm automatic rifle and 47 self-loading 0.9mm pistols.

A 29-year-old man, suspected to be a dealer, has been remanded by the police to assist in investigations.

The suspect was a major shareholder in a company supplying arms to the police and the army. His arms trading license was suspended on December 31 2005 as he failed to submit the annual report on sales and ownership of the weapons to Bukit Aman.

Police believe the firearms were imported by air but has yet to determine how they cleared customs.

The Star Online – Firearms worth RM900,000 seized in raid

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