Lorry Driver Wanted Second Wife, Mother Takes Sons’ Lives

21 February 2007
George Town

Azizan Said, aged 46, a close friend and colleague of the lorry driver whose two sons were allegedly murdered, said that the man had told him about his intentions to take a second wife. Azizan had advised him against it but the man told his wife, now the main murder suspect, about it.

Azizan believes that the second woman is from Sungai Nibong.

Neighbours described the 30-year-old wife as “quiet and harmless”, but police suspect that she had used the cord of an electric iron to stangle her two sons to death.

On Monday early morning, the wife brought neighbour Manisah Nasir, aged 35, to see the bodies of the children in their bedroom. Manisah then covered the bodies with a cloth and told her husband. The lorry driver father was sleeping in another room.

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