Man Shot Dead at Home

22 November 2007
Kota Kinabalu

47-year-old Chan Yen Khiong was shot dead by two gunmen in his Taman Donggonggon house yesterday at 1pm.

The suspects approached Chan on a motorcycle and was having a conversation at the front gate. His wife overhead him saying that he was not interested in borrowing money from loansharks. The men then asked to use his toilet and were told to go to the back of the house.

When the men entered the kitchen, they tied both the maid and Chan’s wife and placed them in a toilet. A single gun shot was heard and the men escaped on their motorcycle. The women then found Chan on a sofa.

Chan was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. He was a salesman involved in the liquor business.

The Star Online – Salesman shot dead execution style

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