Naked Body of Girl in Bag: Died of Massive Bleeding, Identity Unknown

19 September 2007
Petaling Jaya

Police have examined the closed circuit television video recordings of the building where the naked body of a young girl was found in a bag on Monday. The girl weighed about 18kg and was about 150cm tall. She had a birthmark on her left thigh.

No one has come forward to identify the girl, who had bruises on her neck and hands. Kuala Lumpur Hospital post-mortem results show that she had died of a ruptured intestine and massive bleeding likely caused by the shoving of a cucumber and brinjal into her private parts. There were no traces of semen found, but several foreign hair strands were found on her body.

In the video footage, a woman was seen loitering and getting into a car near the shop lot in PJS 1/48 Petaling Utama.

Police are asking anyone with information on the victim to inform the district police headquarters at 03-79662222.

MCA Public Complaints and Services Department chief Datuk Michael Chong said a RM20,000 reward is offered to anyone who could provide information leading to the killer’s arrest. RM10,000 is being offered from the MCA and the other RM10,000 is contributed by an anonymous Datuk.

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