National Crime Index Increased, Cases Solved Up

18 November 2008
Petaling Jaya

Deputy Home Affairs Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung has stated that since 2005, the national crime index has been increasing with a corresponding increase in the number of cases solved.

In 2005, 157,365 cases were reported with 48.43 percent solved. There were 197,780 cases reported and a 32.53 percent solving rate in 2006, and 209,559 cases reported and 39.26 percent of them solved in 2007. Over the last two years, the number of cases have increased by 25.68 percent and 5.95 percent respectively.

Chor said considering each year’s solving rate of over 30 percent, the numbers have exceeded the 20 percent standard set by Interpol.

He went on to explain that the police had deployed more officers to crime-prone areas, set up booths in densely-populated locations and expanded the closed-circuit television monitoring network. The force will see an additional 60,000 officers by 2012.

Chor attributed the fact that the number of rape cases has doubled in the last five years to some parents interfering with their children’s dating relations. He also said that the public did not cooperate with the police by informing them when they go on vacation, causing the increase in the crime index as a result of more burglary cases.

New Straits Times Online – Dewan Rakyat: Crime on the rise, but police are solving more cases

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