Newspaper Executive Robbed and Assaulted

17 December 2007
Kuala Lumpur

Martin Joseph Ignatius, a 48-year-old executive with The Star Online, was assaulted and robbed at Jalan Chan Ah Tong, Brickfields, yesterday at 5:45am by a bus stop.

Two men in a Toyota vehicle approached him and one of them got off and tried to rob him. Ignatius tried to escape but fell. He then handed over his wallet and a chain to the robber. He was then told to remove his rings but he could not do so. This was when the other robber got off and hit Ignatius with an iron rod.

The robbers then fled in their vehicle.

Ignatius has been warded at the Assunta Hospital, Petaling Jaya.

The Star Online – Star Online exec assaulted and robbed

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  1. there’s one from china press reporter …

    apparently a wira with 4 ppl armed with parang demanded the victim to get out of the car. luckily the the victim manage to escape from their pursue …

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