Newspaper Vendor Attacked and Robbed

8 November 2008
George Town

52-year-old D. Arokiasamy was delivering newspapers in Solok Tembaga 2, Seri Delima, on Saturday morning when four men riding on two motorcycles mugged and robbed him. He was slashed several times with parang and lost RM500 and a mobile phone.

The suspects returned his wallet and identity card after Arokiasamy asked for them.

Arokiasamy was treated at the Penang Hospital and sustained three fractured fingers on his left hand.

It is believed that there were two similar robbery cases that occurred on the same day. Two hawkers were attacked by the same gang. Newspaper delivery vendors are appealing to the Penang police to increase police patrols in the area.

The Star Online – Newspaper vendor robbed and slashed

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