Nurin’s Parents Could Not Accept DNA Test, Police Closing in on Suspect

21 September 2007
Kuala Lmpur

Police are looking for a couple who left the scene where the body of 8-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin was found. They were recorded by a closed circuit camera in a silver Perodua Kenari. The woman is likely a Malay in her 20s, while the driver is in his 20s.

Witnesses said they saw the woman sitting near the staircase with the bag containing the body of the girl on Sunday afternoon.

Police also have reason to believe that the suspects are involved in two cases of abduction and sexual abuse of two young girls in Kampung Baru months ago.

Nurin’s parents have disagreed that the body was not their daughter and thus, a second DNA test will be carried out to confirm the victim’s identity. Police will take samples from Nurin’s elder sister, Nurin Jazshira. The first DNA test results were released by the Forensics Department at 2pm yesterday.

Nurin’s father, 33-year-old Jazimin Abdul Jalil said that Nurin had straight hair, small teeth and a scar on her thigh, while this victim had curly and short hair, big teeth and no scar. Jazimin and his 35-year-old wife, Norazian Bistaman were at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital mortuary yesterday to identify the body.

Jazimin’s siblings were also present to help identify the body who all agreed with him that the body was not their niece.

Police would also refer to doctors on the missing BCG mark on the body to determine if she was a Malaysian. They have also indicated that they will be arresting a male suspect but did not say if he is a foreigner.

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