Police Freed Girl Kept in Cage

23 September 2007

A 7-year-old girl was rescued by police from being locked in an iron cage behind her house in Vision Homes, Seremban 2 after neighbours called the police.

An anonymous neighbour had seen the girl in the cage on Friday midnight, crying for her mother to free her. When she stopped crying, he thought she was already let out. When he saw her still in the cage the next morning, he decided to call the police at 10am.

Four police arrived at the house and freed the girl. Neighbours said that she had been kept in the cage several times and her mother had made her stand outside of the main gate for hours as a form of discipline. They also said that the girl had no siblings and her father was seldom home.

Police have warned her against treating her daughter in this way, but have lodged a report today to bring the girl to the Seremban Hospital for a medical check-up. Authorities said that she will likely be sent to a welfare home for protection until the investigation was completed.

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