Police Officer Took Drugs and Flash Pistol in Pub

15 May 2010

An Assistant Superintendent police officer who is attached to the Sungai Buloh police air unit has allegedly “flashed” his pistol at some patrons of a pub in Puchong. The policeman was drinking with his friends at the pub on Wednesday night and even allegedly consumed drugs in view of other customers.

When some customers tried to tell the group not to take drugs, the irritated policeman opened his jacket to show his weapon on his hip.

Feeling threatened, the customers called the police who arrived shortly to arrest the group.

Initial investigations showed that the policeman and his three friends tested positive for drugs. The officer’s gun was confiscated and he is out on bail.

Straits Times Online, The – Cop arrested after ‘flashing’ his pistol in a pub

Straits Times Online, The – Detained – cop who flashed pistol at pub

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