Policemen Held for Bribery

6 March 2007
Kota Baru

Five personnel and a chief inspector from the Pasir Mas district police headquarters have been detained for questioning by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) for involvement in a bribery case with a trader. Three of them were released later.

The trader allegedly possessed imitation wrist watches and the policemen had asked him for some amount of money to avoid being prosecuted.

The chief inspector, a sergeant and a lance corporal are now facing bribery charges after investigations with the ACA are complete.

New Straits Times – Three cops face graft charges

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One Response to “Policemen Held for Bribery”

  1. That’s a good news to read that this three men have been detained for questioning but i wonder if they will be find guilty or not. Well…u know Malaysia.
    The way they “saman” us (Singaporeans) are so not following the rules.
    They just hold on to your driving license or else u can’t go home unless u pay the fine!
    If they are “good” mood,they would give u discounts for your fines!
    Guess what discount or no discount there will be no receipts given.
    I,myself is a Malay Muslim but i am so ashamed of their so called rules..(don’t know if real or not the rules).
    In Singapore,if we are fine for traffic rules we are given grace period to pay it and we are not suppose to pay them directly or even when we are in their office.
    Are police and criminals in Malaysia same?
    There was once incident when a man enter it’s police station to make statement and their police are watching soccer! Just because it was at night,no one sees.
    So next time,when they enter Singapore i make sure i report their plate number to Singapore traffic Police for let say their dirty black smoke or anything that’s illegal!

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