Possible Singapore Family of Cut Up Victim Contacted

2 August 2007
Kuala Lumpur

The family of the murdered victim whose body was cut into 11 pieces and placed in a refrigerator has been contacted by the Singapore authorities. Blood samples have been taken for DNA matching.

The body parts are in the Kuala Lumpur Hospital mortuary. Police will provide news when they have results of the DNA tests.

It is believed that the victim is Goh Yoke Seng, but police have not confirm his identity.

Police have remanded a 34-year-old woman in connection to the murder, whose name was used to register the Mont Kiara condominium where the body was found. The unit was auctioned by a bank three months ago. She had surrendered herself at the city police headquarters on Monday.

Police have recovered a sharp object believed to have been used in the murder and have sent it to the Chemistry Department for analysis.

A driving license was also found at the crime scene belonging to a person named Nora Jawi Spreen Jawi.

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