Pregnant Woman Dies After Snatch Theft Attack

6 May 2009
Johor Baru

A 31-year-old pregnant lady was the latest victim of notorious snatch thieves when she was attacked by two men on a motorcycle on Sunday. Jamilah Selamat suffered head injuries after falling from her motorcycle and died at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital at 7.30am.

Jamilah’s husband, 41-year-old trader Razali Ahmad, and her two children from her first marriage, 7-year-old Norasyikin Salleh and 5-year-old Mohd Khairi Ridwan Salleh, were shocked when they heard the news. Razali said they had been married for seven months and his first wife had died of bone cancer five years ago.

His brother’s friend witnessed the crime and said he saw Jamilah hitting the pavement face first while the two men fled on their motorcycle and Jamilah’s handbag missing.

Jamilah had encountered snatch thieves last year when her handbag was grabbed from her. Her friend then advised her to secure her handbag around the motorcycle’s side mirror.

Jamilah was on her home to Taman Mekar from work. When the two men grabbed her handbag, it caused her motorcycle to be pulled along. When she fell to the ground, she was lying there motionless.

Jamilah and the unborn child were buried at the Ayer Hitam cemetery yesterday. Eyewitnesses to the crime are asked to contact the police hotline at 07-2212999.

The Star Online – Pregnant woman dies after thieves pull her off motorcycle

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