Priest Slashed by Two Robbers

20 December 2007
Sungai Petani

A Taoist priest was slashed by two robbers in his Taman Bandar Baru house in Sungai Lalang on Wednesday at 3am.

The priest was watching television when one of the robbers called out to him from the outside front gate. The robbers were posing as motorcycle repossessors, saying that the priest had defaulted on three installments for his motorcycle loan. The priest and his wife had opened a window to talk to the man.

Just when the priest opened the grille gate and sliding glass door, the other robber appeared. Both robbers jumped over the front gate and smashed through the sliding door. The priest started to run to the kitchen but was slashed on the head, body and hands by the robbers’ parangs.

The priest collapsed and the robbers took off. His wife sent him to the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital.

The Star Online – Taoist priest slashed by robbers

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