RM1.2 Million Jewellery Robbed from Two Employees

21 December 2007

On Wednesday at 5:30pm, two employees of a Kuala Lumpur-based jewellery manufacturer were robbed of jewellery worth RM1.2 million they were transporting as they alighted from a taxi along Carpenter Street.

Three masked men in a Toyota Vios vehicle confronted the two employees but one of the victims started to run off. The robbers chased him and slashed his right arm. The robbers then took the jewellery and escaped in their getaway car.

It is believed that the victims have been in the state for the past three days, delivering jewellery to stores in Sibu before this incident. The slashed victim was treated at the Timberland Medical Centre. Police believe that it could be an inside job.

New Straits Times – Trio flee with jewellery worth RM1.2m

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