RM6 Billion Budget for Police Force to Improve Services

8 September 2007
Kuala Lumpur

Under the national Budget 2008 plan, the government has allocated RM6 billion to fight crime and boost public safety. Inspector-General of the Royal Malaysian Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said that with the largest budget ever given to a government agency, the police “will do everything we can to reduce the crime rate and forge better ties with the public”.

60,000 new personnel will be recruited over the next five years, adding to the current total of RM100,000. This is to achieve the ratio of 1 policeman to 300 people.

To increase police presence in the community, the police will purchase 1,900 motorcycles and 2,000 patrol cars to be provided for investigating officers and their assistants. Each state police headquarters will have a Mobile Forensic Unit. 1,600 new laptops would be set up with the required software and data to perform on-the-spot background checks.

The force will also buy security and surveillance equipment and mobile police stations to help patrol residential and commercial areas.

The police computer system will also undergo a complete overhaul and then global and national interconnections of police databases will be set up. This will improve crime intelligence analysis and sharing of information across states or borders.

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