Robbers Beat and Robbed Man in Car

6 September 2007
Johor Baru

29-year-old Tan Lee Sang was near his car at a railway station car park on Tuesday 10:30pm when three robbers forced him into the car. One of them hit his head with a bottle and the other two, holding parangs, sat with him at the backseat.

They took him to a dark alley where they robbed him of four mobile phones, RM800 cash and other currencies, and three ATM cards. Then, Tan was put in the car boot after they have gotten the PINs for the ATM cards.

The robbers proceeded to make a few stops at banks to withdraw cash using Tan’s ATM cards. During one of the stops, Tan used a torchlight and pried open the boot. When he got out, he started shouting for help. Two police patrol cars arrived a few minutes later but the robbers had escaped in his Toyota Vios vehicle.

Tan sustained two stitches on his head and several injuries to his hands and body.

The robbers had taken Tan’s watch, shoes, passport and RM1,300 using two ATM cards.

The Star Online – Technician beaten, robbed and taken on a terror ride

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