Robbers Caught After 6KM Car Chase

28 February 2007
Johor Baru

Two robbers were arrested by police in Tampoi yesterday afternoon after a car chase. The incident started when the owner of a scrap metal yard alerted two traffic policemen on motorcycles of a robbery there by four armed men.

When the policemen reached the premises, they saw three men in a Datsun car and the fourth one standing outside holding a black bag. The driver of the car sped off, leaving the fourth robbery behind. The police gave chase in their motorcycles.

The driver attempted to ram his car into the policemen’s motorcycles and managed to knock one of them off his motorcycle. This policeman fired three shots at the car’s windscreen and resumed the chase in his motorcycle.

The car stopped at Kampung Semangat, Skudai, and the three men continued their escape on foot. The policemen fired two warning shots in the air and arrested two of the men while the third escaped.

The two men arrested, aged 30 and 47, have been involved in robbery and drug offences. They were found armed with parangs and iron rods, four stolen mobile phones and RM17,000 from the yard.

New Straits Times – 2 held after dramatic road chase

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