Robbers Crash and Opened Fire on Driver

13 March 2007
Kuala Lumpur

A 30-year-old accounts executive was driving alone from her Batang Berjuntai office near Rawang yesterday at 1pm when a car with three occupants rammed her vehicle from behind.

The incident occurred along a deserted stretch of the Batang Berjuntai-Rawang road, but the woman did not stop her car. The other car tailed her car and forced her to stop. A man came out from the car and shouted at her to open the car door. When she refused to comply, he took out a gun and fired at the windscreen and door.

He smashed the driver’s side window and grabbed her handbag, which contained RM400 and a mobile phone.

Police are now looking for a grey Proton Waja with a dent on its front fender. The vehicle’s registration number is WNK 4386.

New Straits Times – Woman falls victim to crash-and-rob gang

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