Robbers of Bank Customers Arrested in Damansara Uptown

12 September 2007
Petaling Jaya

Two men were arrested as they were suspected to be members of a robbery gang responsible for robbing people of large sums of money that they have withdrawn from a bank in Damansara Uptown. Four policemen were part of a task force that was monitoring the gang when they spotted the suspects in a car about 50 metres away from a bank yesterday at 3:30pm.

When the officers approached the men and started questioning them, the driver of the car started to drive off. The driver tried to knock down the policemen but crashed into a divider. The officers opened fire and one suspect was shot in the leg as he tried to escape on foot.

Two other gang members at the vicinity of the scene also ran off.

Police recovered four parangs and a black bag in the car. They believe that the gang is responsible for at least 15 robbery cases over the past month. The robbers would wait for bank customers to get into their cars before smashing their car windows with the parangs and robbing them. The robbers have allegedly made off with more than RM500,000 so far.

The Star Online – ‘Bankers gang’ members held

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