Sales Manager Loses to Club and Cash Prize Scam

9 September 2007
Johor Baru

26-year-old Ee Tai Swee was cheated of RM134,000 in yet another cash prize scam. The sales manager was contacted by a woman on 21 August 2007 claiming to be from an electronic company. She told him that he had won S$200,000 cash from the Hong Kong Turf Club.

A dubious bank manager in Hong Kong then faxed the cheque and a statement of a bank account containing RM460,000 to Ee. Convinced that he had won the prize, Ee deposited RM11,600 into an account of the company’s Malaysian partner.

A man who claimed to be from the club called Ee to invite him to join as a member, convincing him that he would give him tips to win horse races. Ee further deposited RM123,050 but had never won a game with the man’s tips.

Ee is now loaded in RM70,000 of debt.

The Star Online – Sales manager in JB loses RM134,000 in turf club scam

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