Sharlinie Missing: Search Continues, Woman Suspected

11 January 2008
Petaling Jaya

Residents in Taman Medan have been helping in the search for 5-year-old Sharlinie Mohd Nashar who disappeared from a playground in Taman Medan on Wednesday. Thousands of posters have been distributed in the area, especially with the help from Residents and Gerakan Belia 4B PJS members Firdaus Rahmat, Mohd Safuan Sukarti and Mat Yazid Mat Yusop.

So far, Sharlinie’s father, 29-year-old Mohd Nashar Mat Hussain has received a phone call and a short message about his daughter.

At 9:50am yesterday, he received the short message indicating that Sharlinie was seen at a bus stand in Butterworth. Police did not find her there and have been trying in vain to contact the sender.

Mohd Nashar then received a phone call at 10am yesterday from a woman who said she saw Sharlinie with a man at the Puduraya bus station. She described the man as forcing Sharlinie to follow him.

This matched the description from another woman who called yesterday to Sharlinie’s uncle, Yazrin Abd Aziz.

A a press conference yesterday, Mohd Nashar said Sharlinie is asthmatic and will have difficulty breathing when triggered. This is when she would need her medication to stop wheezing.

The press conference was jointly organized by the Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil and Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan at the Petaling Jaya district police station. Also present were Petaling Jaya Selatan MP Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai and Taman Medan Assemblyman Abdul Wahab Ibrahim.

Mohd Nashar’s wife, 28-year-old Suraya Ahmad, and their two older daughters, 11-year-old Nurul Amirah and 8-year-old Sharliena were also present at the press conference. Sharlinie had gone with Sharliena to the playground on Wednesday at 11am.

Sharliena suddenly broke her silence just before discussions were about to commence, saying that she saw a woman luring Sharlinie with sweets to get her to enter a large black-coloured car parked nearby. Sharliena described the woman as having shoulder-length hair and wearing high heel shoes.

When Sharlinie rejected the offer, the woman forced her into the car while she was screaming. Sharliena could only watch and rushed home to alert their mother.

Reporters at the press conference then alerted the police on what Sharliena had said and she was immediately brought to the Bukit Aman police headquarters to have her statement taken.

Shahrizat has called on local leaders and non-governmental organizations to help with the search efforts. She also announced that Sharlinie’s parents have been interviewed by the Welfare Department to determine if there was any negligence as it was standard procedure to conduct the investigation.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said the police taskforce has begun a large-scale search for Sharlinie. He said airports, border checkpoints and police counterparts from neighbouring countries have been advised to be on the lookout.

After Datuk Donald Lim had visited Mohd Nashar’s house in Taman Medan, he announced that his parliamentary service centre is offering RM5,000 to anyone with information leading to Sharlinie.

Anyone with information on Sharlinie’s whereabouts should contact her father Mohd Nashar at 0162583450 / 0162709096 or contact the police at 03-79662222 or Rakan Cop at 03-21159999.

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