Shearwey’s Mother and Boyfriend Identified as Murder Suspects

10 July 2007

At the Balik Pulau magistrate’s court yesterday, it was revealed that police had arrested Jess Teh, the mother of the murdered girl Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying, and her boyfriend, Ong Chee Leong, aged 29. Discrepancies found in the missing person’s report lodged last Friday helped police solve the case.

Ong led police to the cemetery and a river where the girl’s burnt remains and pyjamas were found. Teh had told the police that the girl had drowned in a plastic bathtub. Sources said that only Ong was in the apartment when Shearwey died and Teh had returned from work to find her daughter dead.

They then waited till night time and brought the body outside. Police are searching for an oil drum which it is believed to have been doused with petrol and the body burnt inside.

Neighbours questioned by police said that they had heard noise like quarrelling from Teh’s flat for the past three weeks. A man’s voice was heard in the fifth floor flat.

Police are still trying to establish the motive for the murder.

Shearwey’s father, Ooi Eng Chew, aged 29, a businessman in China, had returned at the Bayan Lepas International Airport at 10:30pm.

Teh had met Ong, who is not working, about a year ago and moved in together about three months ago. Teh is currently divorcing Ooi.

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