Six Youths Abduct and Gang Raped Woman

4 August 2007
Johor Baru

A 12-year-old school dropout and five other teenagers have been remanded for allegedly abducting and gang-raping a 30-year-old factory worker at 11:40pm on Friday.

The group of boys, aged between 16 and 19, were in a lorry which had overtaken the scooter which the victim and a 24-year-old female friend were on in Taman Nusa Damai, Pasir Gudang. The lorry forced the scooter off the road and the suspects grabbed the victim into the lorry and drove off.

The woman was brought to a secluded area in Pasir Gudang where she was gang raped. Sri Alam police were alerted by the victim’s friend. Police then set up a task force headed by Sri Alam CID Chief Deputy Superintendent Mohd Nor Rasid and they located the lorry in Taman Nusa Damai and found the victim 8 hours later.

The suspects fled from the scene but were rounded up in raids around Kota Masai. They are being investigated under Sections 376 and 365 of the Penal Code for rape and abduction.

The Star Online – 12yr-old among 6 youths arrested for gang-rape

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