Student Scammed of Savings

8 February 2007
Petaling Jaya

An alleged Macau-based company managed to scam a 23-year-old student of RM4,800 by calling her to conduct a survey. The company, known as Megome, told Vanessa Lee that she would win RM160,000 by giving her opinion on whether it would be a good idea for the company to invest in Malaysia.

The caller, known as Jian Hui Wen, called a few days later and referred Lee to the company’s accountant. The accountant asked her to deposit 3% of the amount into their bank account first before they could pay her.

Lee called a friend from Macau to confirm that Megome was a legitimate company and even found her name listed as a winner on its website. Then, she desposited the amount which was from her savings and money borrowed from friends.

The company later told Lee that she would have to pay an additional RM60,000 to become a member in order to obtain the prize. Lee then demanded for a refund, but the company has not contacted her since.

The Star Online – Student conned of RM4,800

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