Taxi Driver Assaulted and Raped 17-Year-Old

10 May 2009 Subang Jaya Another young woman was taken on a horror ride and raped by a taxi driver who was supposed to driver her from SS14 to SS15. The 17-year-old woman had hailed for the taxi on Thursday 3pm, but when she boarded the taxi, the driver drove her around Subang Jaya and […]


Newspaper Vendor Attacked and Robbed

8 November 2008 George Town 52-year-old D. Arokiasamy was delivering newspapers in Solok Tembaga 2, Seri Delima, on Saturday morning when four men riding on two motorcycles mugged and robbed him. He was slashed several times with parang and lost RM500 and a mobile phone. The suspects returned his wallet and identity card after Arokiasamy […]


Residents Assaulted Neighbour for Rape and Molest

8 April 2008 Petaling Jaya A 48-year-old man was suspected of rape and molest of a 10-year-old girl which caused over 30 neighbours of a low-cost flat in Section 8, Kota Damansara, to assault him yesterday. A resident happened to walk by the lift on the ninth floor when he saw the Year Four girl […]

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