Teenage Boys Raped and Sodomised a 7-Year-Old Girl

24 October 2011 Kulim Three teenage boys aged 10 to 11 are believed to have raped and sodomised a 7-year-old girl at a secluded hut on 13 October in Bandar Baru. The girl was playing near her house when the boys invited her to a hut about 2km away. Once there, she was forced to […]


Robber Demanded Oral Sex When Victims Had No Money

18 April 2009 Klang Two female cleaners were abducted by a man when they were leaving their homes along Jalan Tengku Badar in Port Klang for work at 6am. When he found out that they had only a few ringgit, he forced them to perform oral sex on him. The man had driven a black […]


Woman’s Breasts and Privates Groped by Bomoh

22 November 2008 Petaling Jaya A 44-year-old bomoh has been arrested on 19 November 2008 after a police report was lodged against him for allegedly sexually assaulting a 33-year-old beauty consultant after she consulted him for some treatment. The woman, a mother of four children, had approached the bomoh in Kuang with her husband and […]

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