Taxi Driver Assaulted and Raped 17-Year-Old

10 May 2009
Subang Jaya

Another young woman was taken on a horror ride and raped by a taxi driver who was supposed to driver her from SS14 to SS15. The 17-year-old woman had hailed for the taxi on Thursday 3pm, but when she boarded the taxi, the driver drove her around Subang Jaya and Shah Alam.

When they reached near a condominium at Kelana Jaya, the taxi driver forced the woman to undress. As she was taking off her clothes, she managed to call her friend using her mobile phone, whom she was supposed to meet at SS15. Fortunately, her friend was able to hear the commotion going on in the taxi.

The woman tried to give the taxi driver her mobile phone and money but he did not accept them. Then, the taxi driver assaulted her before stripping her clothes off. As the taxi’s windows were tinted, he proceeded to rape her without being detected.

The victim’s friend managed to contact the victim’s elder sister, who alerted a nearby police station.

At the end of the ordeal, the taxi driver dropped her off by the roadside and took off. The woman was brought to a hospital by a passer-by and had been confirmed that she was raped after a medical checkup. It is believed that the taxi driver had tattoos on both shoulders while one of them resembled a scorpion.

New Straits Times Online, The – Raped and left by roadside

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