Teenage Boys Raped and Sodomised a 7-Year-Old Girl

24 October 2011

Three teenage boys aged 10 to 11 are believed to have raped and sodomised a 7-year-old girl at a secluded hut on 13 October in Bandar Baru.

The girl was playing near her house when the boys invited her to a hut about 2km away. Once there, she was forced to strip naked, after which she was raped and sodomised by them.

Later, one of the boys bragged about the incident in school. A teacher was informed about it and reported to the victim’s 33-year-old mother.

A medical report has confirmed that the girl was indeed sexually assaulted. The 36-year-old father of the victim, a lorry driver, has lodged a police report against the three boys.

Police have detained the boys and had their statements taken before they posted bail.

Star Online, The – Four youngsters rape and sodomise seven-year-old girl

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