Thai National Fined for Possessing Passports

13 March 2007
Tanah Merah

Che Hashim Che Deraman @ Chearseng Chederemae, aged 41, was sentenced yesterday to 12 months’ jail and fined RM7,000 in default of 6 months’ jail after being found guilty to illegally possess 71 Thai passports. The Thai trader was found to have the passports without lawful authority at the Pengkalan Kubur immigration checkpoint about 12pm on 30 December 2006.

Che Hashim is currently serving a one-year jail sentence for entering the country without valid travel documents at the same time, date and place.

His lawyer said that he was not well educated and did not know that it was illegal to hold the passports. The passports were recognised as valid by the Royal Thai Consulate in Malaysia, and as such, he did not have the intention to bring in illegal immigrants.

New Straits Times – Jail, fine for Thai with 71 passports

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