Three Pakistani Security Guards Arrested Over UTAR Student Murder

6 August 2007
Johor Baru

Police have arrested three Pakistanis suspected to be involved in the rape and murder of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) student Tang Lai Meng. They were apprehended in a house in Kajang near Tang’s house at 2am yesterday. The three, aged between 26 and 45, have been remanded for 14 days. They are believed to be working as security guards in the housing area.

The suspects’ DNA samples have been sent to the Chemistry Department for analysis.

Tang, aged 20, had been found lying dead on her bed in her Bandar Mahkota house, allegedly raped, sodomised and strangled with a pillow case. Her half naked body was found by police on Thursday when they were alerted by a neighbour of a possible break-in at the residence.

Tang’s Toyota Vios, mobile phone, laptop and wallet were missing.

Her parents, Tang Ah Weng and Kang Xue Sia, paid their last respects to their daughter before her body was sent to the Kek Look Seah crematorium in Bercham yesterday. UTAR students and staff were among 80 others who were present.

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