Three Robbers Shot Dead

25 February 2008
Petaling Jaya

Three robbery gang members were shot dead by police as they were leaving from Kelana Jaya with RM10,000 from a bank customer. Two of them are believed to be Indonesians, while the one of them was a member of the Mamak Gang.

Police chased the robbers’ car and had blocked them in Taman Mayang. The robbers got out of their car and started attacking police with parangs but were shot dead.

A police vest, gloves, jewellery, a balaclava and other items used by the police were found in the robbers’ car. The robbers, aged between 30 and 50 years, were smartly dressed.

The gang is believed to be responsible for at least 30 cases of robberies in Selangor since 2007 and targeted bank customers with large sums of money.

The Star Online – Robbers’ reign comes to deadly end

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