Transvestite Found Murdered in His Flat

10 November 2007

A 37-year-old transvestite was found strangled to death in his Jalan Sungai flat on Thursday. His body was found lying upwards with his hands and legs bound with wires, and had bruises on his forehead and body.

Roslan Abdul Rahim had breast implants but has been saving money for a sex-change surgery.

Police have arrested a 42-year-old man in Balik Pulau yesterday at 1:30am, who was found with the victim’s bank book.

There were no signs of forced entry but the flat was ransacked, suggesting a robbery may have also taken place. Post-mortem results showed that Roslan was hit with a blunt object before he was suffocated with a pillow.

Police believe the motive of the murder was jealousy.

The Star Online – Transvestite found strangled, man arrested

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