Two China Women Forced to Prostitution

3 December 2008
Kuala Lumpur

Two women from China were offered jobs at a factory here but were forced into prostitution by an agent. 19-year-old Feng Yu and 21-year-old Yang Zhen were hoping for higher pay when they were persuaded by a friend to find work in Malaysia.

The agent, a local man only known as “Ah Keong”, had approached Feng when she arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 22 November 2008. The man offered them jobs that paid RM2,500 a month, compared to RM500 in China. When they agreed to take up the deal, the man brought the victims to an apartment in Puchong.

Once there, the women were not allowed to leave the apartment and were given white rice only after two days without any food. They had tried to escape a few times but the man threatened them with a beating and that he had connections with the local authorities.

On Saturday, the man brought them to a spa where they were forced to dress provocative clothes, along with 20 other women who were already there. After that, the two victims were made to wear only their underwear.

When they refused to comply and started begging the man to let them go, they were brought to another apartment in Taman Mutiara, Puchong. Although their passports were returned to them, the man locked them up. Yesterday, the women managed to escape at 10am and sought the help of a resident of the apartment block to lodge a report at the Puchong police station.

New Straits Times Online – 2 from China flee vice gang in Puchong

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