Two Lost RM200,000 to SMS Scam

15 March 2008
Petaling Jaya

Two victims have fallen prey to SMS scams designed to cheat them of their bank accounts, losing RM200,000 in the process.

The victims received short messages on their mobile phones from the syndicate informing them that they have won cash prizes worth thousands of ringgit. Before the prizes could be credited to their bank accounts, they were told to register for electronic banking at their bank’s automated teller machine (ATM).

The victims were to call the syndicate members using an overseas contact number when they were at the ATM. The syndicate member would then ask for the victims’ ATM card numbers and passwords for the electronic banking accounts.

Once the information was provided, the syndicate would quickly change the password and transfer all of the victims’ savings out.

Police have advised the public to be wary of such messages received on mobile phones.

New Straits Times – SMS scam: Two lose RM200,000 from bank accounts

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