Two Men Awarded Damages for Wrongful Arrest for Nurin Murder

27 May 2010
Kuala Lumpur

Mohamad Zamri Ibrahim, a cloth merchant, and his brother-in-law Mohd Suhaimi Yusoff were awarded RM41,500 and RM31,500 respectively in damages at the Sessions Court on Thursday for wrongful arrest. They were detained in connection with the murder case of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin three years ago.

36-year-old Mohamad Zamri and 31-year-old Mohd Suhaimi filed suit on 19 June 2009 with ASP Loh Pei Pei, the Inspector general of Police and the government as defendants. They claimed that after their arrests, they were hit, stepped on, kicked and bashed up by the police before they were questioned. As a result, they claimed that they injuries, stress, odium and contempt.

Judge Sabariah Othman awarded the damages after reviewing the submissions by defence counsellor Azmer Md Saad, who represented the two men.

Sabariah said Mohamad Zamri was awarded the damages based on a police testimony that he was not the suspect in the case. It was ruled that his arrest was wrongful and without reasonable grounds. Mohd Suhaimi was awarded RM31,500 in damages because there were reasonable grounds for his arrest, Sabariah said.

Straits Times Online, The – Duo, wrongfully arrested for Nurin murder, awarded RM73,000 (Update)

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