Two More Girls Raped in Johor Baru

21 June 2007
Johor Baru

Two girls, aged 15 and 16 years old, have been raped in separate incidents in Johor Baru yesterday, just six hours apart.

The 16-year-old girl was abducted by four men on motorcycles in Taman Tasik Dahlia, Pasir Gudang at 1am. She had just quarrelled with her boyfriend and went to a park there to calm herself. They took her to a deserted area in Tanjung Langsat where they took turns to rape her. She was brought back to the park.

The girl then took a taxi home and made a police report the next morning. The men were in their 20s and 30s.

In the second incident in Senai around 6:30am, the 15-year-old Form Three student was with her 13-year-old brother along Jalan Ledang in Taman Teknologi Skudai waiting for their school bus when a man who claimed to be a policeman asked for their identity cards.

He made them get their cards from home by travelling in his car when they said they had left them there. When they reached their Tampoi home, the man told her brother to go inside the house to get the cards, but he sped off with the girl.

The man drove to Technology Park in Senai. He then held a knife to her neck, ripped off her school uniform and raped her. She was also slapped, punched and bitten. He then gave her his jeans and t-shirt before taking off.

The victim was sent home by two women who found her on the main road.

A police report was made at the Tampoi police station later and the girl described the man as having curly hair and tanned skin.

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