Two Students Detained for Murder of Another

18 December 2008
Alor Star

Police have detained two 16-year-old school boys in connection with the murder of a Lower Six student whose burnt body was found in a rubber estate in Kampung Bendang Pong, Kuala Nerang, yesterday at 2pm.

18-year-old Mohd Zubir Baharuddin was believed to have been beaten to death as there were multiple bruises and wounds on his head. His body was discovered by a estate worker at 6:30pm on Tuesday.

Zubir’s father, Baharuddin Omar, last saw his son at 11am on Monday. The 48-year-old odd-job worker said his son wanted to go to town by bus and got RM5 pocket money from his 45-year-old mother, Siti Saudah Daud. By 11pm that night, Zubir had not yet returned home.

The boys who had been detained by police attended the same SMK Syed Ahmad school in Kuala Nerang. One of them was the victim’s neighbour in Kampung Pengkalan Tok Teh while the other was from Kampung Bendang Paya, which is two kilometres from the murder scene.

Zubir’s mobile phone was found with one of the boys. Police suspects that the motive behind the murder was revenge for theft of money belonging to one of the boys’ father.

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