US State Dept: Human Trafficking Prevalent in Malaysia

3 March 2009
New York

The US State Department has listed Malaysia as a destination for human trafficking in its 2008 Human Rights Report. It said that the victims are being trafficked for sexual exploitation and forced labour.

The victims were usually females from China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam for commercial sexual exploitation. The report attributed the trafficking cases to crime syndicates as well as employment agencies.

More than 100 victims have been rescued and repatriated in the country last year, according to reports collected from foreign embassies, NGOs, and government authorities.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said that Malaysia’s Anti-Human Trafficking law has been effective in fighting trafficking crimes. The US State Department noted that Malaysia was not involved in any politically motivated killings or abductions last year while it generally respected the human rights of its citizens.

However, the report showed that the Malaysian government had blocked access to some web sites and arresting several outspoken online individuals, such as Malaysia Today’s Raja Petra Kamarudin, for alleged sedition.

The Star Online – Malaysia a destination for human trafficking, says US

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