Uzbek Prostitutes and Pimps Arrested

21 August 2007

Police have rounded up six prostitutes from Uzbekistan and two pimps during an anti-vice operation called Ops Noda at 8pm on Sunday. Two male clients were also arrested at a hotel in Kinta Lane.

It is believed that customers book for the women via the pimps’ mobile phone who charge RM300 for each session. The women, in their 20s, would either meet the customers at a hotel or a designated place of their choice.

The women entered the country as tourists a few weeks ago, arriving initially in Kuala Lumpur.

Police are on a campaign to eradicate such vice activities in the state by raiding karaoke lounges and health centres which often act as cover for such activities.

The Star Online – Uzbek call girls and pimps picked up at hotel

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