Vice Den Found Hidden in Plantation

6 September 2007

Police have uncovered a vice den in an orchard in Kanchong Darat, some 10KM from Banting. Surrounded by an oil palm estate and a pig farm, businessmen and salespersons have been patronising the place known as Shi Wai Tao Yuan, meaning Peaceful Haven in Chinese. On Tuesday night, police raided the place which is suspected to house 20 Chinese national women who have been operating there for two to three months.

12 wooden huts were built for clients to reside in, which were decorated with karaoke sets and coloured lights. A house nearby was used to prepare food and drinks for clients.

The den gain attention when police received complaints from villagers that many cars were going in and out of the plantation.

30 clients were present during the police raid, enjoying beer, cigarettes and music at that time. Police arrested 6 China national women and a 30-year-old local man while the rest fled into the near plantation. The women entered the country as tourists and did not have valid work permits. Statements were taken from the 30 clients, including a 47-year-old Singaporean, who were later released.

Police also seized RM3,500 cash, RMB3,300 cash (RM1,500), four mobile phones and a set of handcuffs from the local suspect.

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