Youth Gang Terrorize Two Houses

29 August 2007
Shah Alam

A gang of youths retaliated two houses in Section 20 on Sunday after police detained some youths during a rampage in Section 17 two weeks ago.

V. Kaliamma, aged 46, was one of the residents of the two houses which were targeted at 2:30am. She was with her three sons and daughter when the group started to hit the two cars they owned with parangs, sticks and bricks. The youths then climbed over the front gate and smashed the glass of the front grille.

It is believed that the households did not report about the incident in Section 17 to the police although the youths were heard asking why they did that.

After that, the youths went to the other house where S. Poopathy was staying and wrecked three cars there.

Shah Alam police have identified the gang responsible and will make arrests soon.

The Star Online – Youths go on another rampage

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