Altantuya Murder Trial: Missing Data Retraced, Differences Negligible

20 February 2008
Shah Alam

Based on his 15 years of working experience in Celcom, 64th prosecution witness Nik Kamarudin Nik Ka said that despite several differences such as time and location area codes in call transactions extracted by his colleagues, he could confirm that accused Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri was indeed in the stated locations including the area where Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered.

The 43-year-old general manager was in High Court yesterday, giving his testimony on two documents, one containing call details and the other billing data. where were extracted from Celcom systems and entered as evidence. He said that the most significant difference was 5 minutes and 23 seconds found in Azilah’s call transactions, but he said that they are accurate and have not been manipulated.

Nik Kamarudin said for all records which were said to be missing were retraced through other switch stations. He did admit that the data extracted by Celcom information technology analyst Syed Mustaqim SyedYusoff was incomplete.

The trial continues today.

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