Australian Charged with Cheating at Hypermarket

9 February 2007
Kuala Lumpur

John Leslie Lefevre, aged 45, who is a freelance journalist has been charged with cheating at the Makro Cash & Carry hypermarket in Cheras. The Australian journalist allegedly cheated the cashier Amar Hatim Abu Hanifah on 29 March last year by switching the price tags on two pairs of shorts, a track bottom, a t-shirt and five pairs of socks. The items appeared to cost RM28.50 when they actually cost RM62.50.

House detective Abdul Gafur Jamat found Lefevre behaving suspiciously that night and detained him at the security office.

As Lefevre could not pay the stipulated fine, he was sentenced to 10 months’ jail starting from 30 March 2006. He should be released today.

New Straits Times – Aussie jailed for switching price tags

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